Let’s Connect!


Sustained in Worship

Weekly worship draws us all from diverse backgrounds and generations and unifies our purpose under Jesus. Like breathing in, we are literally in-spired with God’s presence to live out our callings throughout the week with courage, clarity and creativity. Alongside our shared time of worship, our faith can only be vibrant and growing through a commitment to personal worship through prayer as well as regular reading and meditating on Scripture.

Formed in Christ

Jesus’ promise of “making all things new” invites us into faithful worship by whole-life discipleship. As Jesus is transforming us through prayer and spiritual practices together, we become witnesses to and agents of that transformation in every aspect of our lives, homes, workplaces and neighbourhood. Being shaped by God’s Scriptures will inevitably challenge how we live our lives, and will lead us as disciples to pursue justice and advocacy in the example of Christ. From our youngest in children’s ministries to those in their later years, we share rhythms of eating, gardening and celebrating together, learning from, caring for and supporting each other, and pursuing justice and advocacy with refugees together.

Made for Relationship

Our central relationship in life is our relationship with God, but through the Holy Spirit, Christ leads us to live out restored relationships with ourselves, others and God’s creation. Jesus’ ministry shows that the whole person is important in God’s eyes, so we seek to serve each other in our congregation and our neighbours in a way that maintains dignity and points to justice for God’s image-bearers. We seek a posture of mutual hospitality as those whom we serve also have gifts to share in our community.
Being situated beside the ISSofBC Welcome Centre for Newcomers to Canada gives us a unique opportunity to find ways to live out our Christian presence by offering spiritual, relational, and practical support to Refugee newcomers.

Here for Good

We seek to live out the Gospel where God has planted us. As a faith community we’re committed to making a difference in the neighbourhood around East 11th and Victoria Drive, and our personal commitments are to do the same where we live, work and play. We’ll live into our unique role and recognize that our work is enhanced by partnering with similarly aligned organizations as we seek to have a positive impact for the common good in Vancouver.