We support & celebrate our kids.

The first part of our worship service is designed to be intergenerational. We encourage children to be formed in their faith through singing and participation, including our Lord’s Supper Communion meal (typically on the 2nd Sunday of each month).

Part way into the service, we have nursery space available for parent use, and Sunday School classes for children aged 3 to grade 5. Any questions, please contact Sabrina at childrensminstry@firstvan.ca

Our youth (grades 6-12) meet every other Sunday during the sermon for Groundwork Discipleship class, and every other Thursday, 7-9 pm for our Youth Nights. We also encourage our youth to live into their gifts & interests by helping out in welcoming, worship, audio visual, and more. Any questions, please contact Natasha at youth@firstvan.ca

We enjoy connecting together.

Enjoying food together: Each time we come together for worship, we stay after to connect with each other over a tea, coffee and cookies. We aim to host newcomer lunches, or some sort of potluck regularly.

Enjoying learning together: Those who are exploring questions about Jesus and Christianity, we sometimes offer the Alpha Course. We do have some small groups with special focuses. Additionally, each year, we seek to offer a unique learning & discipleship opportunity for our congregation.

We seek to have faith reach to every part of life.

The life of following Jesus is so much more than one hour on a Sunday morning! In Jesus’ call to love God with all of who we are, and to love our neighbours as ourselves, we seek to integrate our beliefs into our daily living.

We seek to do this personally in the ways we live in our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our workplaces.

We seek to do this as a community by discerning, discussing (& wrestling) together over potentially divisive issues with a commitment to keep a unified focus on Jesus.  We are also patiently, but intentionally, seeking to pursue indigenous reconciliation through postures of learning together.